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Thursday, September 29, 2016

As much as I love experimenting with makeup, some days I like having a quick and simple look I can just throw on in under 10 minutes. Something that doesn't involve contouring, bronzing or blending. Let's be real, the time consuming part of makeup is the blending. Today I'm sharing with you my favourite products to create a quick, natural look that lasts all day long!

Base: BB cream in matte by Rimmel

A few years ago I tried the Revlon BB cream and did not like it at all! I found that it offered barely any coverage and felt weird on the skin. So I have always been a bit hesitant in trying BB creams. This year I decided to give another one a chance, and I am so glad I did. I pretty much wore this BB cream by Rimmel the entire summer! It has such a beautiful finish and offers a coverage that is natural but build-able. When I want less hassle I skip concealer all together and just layer this BB cream to get a little extra coverage.
Blush: Color Icon blush in rose champagne by Wet n Wild

These newly formulated Color Icon blushes by Wet n Wild have been all over the beauty blogging community this year! I hadn't tried their old blushes so I don't know what exactly makes them better, but I do know that I am seriously obsessed with these blushes! They are extremely pigmented and don't fade throughout the day. I have a couple different colours but my favourite by far is Rose Champagne. It's very subtle on the skin and since it has a bronze undertone I can get away with using it as bronzer/blush on my cheeks.

Eyebrows: Make Me Brow eyebrow mascara by Essence

I've heard a couple bloggers mention that this eyebrow gel is pretty good dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow. I used to use the Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara to set my eyebrows, but I found the consistency to be a little too thick for me. This gel mascara by Essence however is really good! The colour is a perfect match for me, it keeps my brows in place all day, and it also has some fibres that add a little extra volume to sparser areas. I still prefer to use an eyebrow pencil for everyday, but when I'm a little rushed, or feeling lazy I apply a quick coat of this to my eyebrows.
Eyeshadow: Creme Brule by Wet n Wild

This eyeshadow is a pale girls dream!!!! I have been looking everywhere for the perfect skin toned eyeshadow, and this is definitely it. It's perfect for covering up veins and making the lid look uniform. I use the eyeshadow every single day! Whether I'm doing something a little more detailed or keeping it simple. And it's only $0.99, so bonus!

Eyeliner: Scandaleyes kohl eyeliner in nude by Rimmel

I don't wear eyeliner that often, but when I do it's usually this eyeliner in my waterline. I find that it brightens my eyes and makes me look more awake. I remember years ago using a white eyeliner to get the same effect, and boy oh boy did it look harsh! Sticking with a nude eyeliner is much more natural, subtle look. These eyeliners are so silky smooth and last all day, which is incredible considering I use it just for my waterline.
Mascara: Full Lash Bloom in black by Covergirl

This mascara is my go-to whenever I want a very soft, natural looking lash. It's definitely not my favourite mascara, but I do like wearing it on my lighter makeup days. It separates my lashes really well and adds just a little bit of length. I just wish it gave a little bit more volume.

Lips: Lip Therapy in rosy lips by Vaseline

I get pretty dry lips all year round, so I constantly use this lip balm! I used to use EOS, but I felt that throughout the day my lips would feel a little "goopy". This balm however soaks in over time and leaves my lips hydrated along with a slight tint.
And that is it! Quick, easy and very natural. Not to mention extremely affordable!

What are your favourite products for natural makeup days?

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