As much as I love experimenting with makeup, some days I like having a quick and simple look I can just throw on in under 10 minutes. Something that doesn't involve contouring, bronzing or blending. Let's be real, the time consuming part of makeup is the blending. Today I'm sharing with you my favourite products to create a quick, natural look that lasts all day long!

Base: BB cream in matte by Rimmel

A few years ago I tried the Revlon BB cream and did not like it at all! I found that it offered barely any coverage and felt weird on the skin. So I have always been a bit hesitant in trying BB creams. This year I decided to give another one a chance, and I am so glad I did. I pretty much wore this BB cream by Rimmel the entire summer! It has such a beautiful finish and offers a coverage that is natural but build-able. When I want less hassle I skip concealer all together and just layer this BB cream to get a little extra coverage.
Blush: Color Icon blush in rose champagne by Wet n Wild

These newly formulated Color Icon blushes by Wet n Wild have been all over the beauty blogging community this year! I hadn't tried their old blushes so I don't know what exactly makes them better, but I do know that I am seriously obsessed with these blushes! They are extremely pigmented and don't fade throughout the day. I have a couple different colours but my favourite by far is Rose Champagne. It's very subtle on the skin and since it has a bronze undertone I can get away with using it as bronzer/blush on my cheeks.

Eyebrows: Make Me Brow eyebrow mascara by Essence

I've heard a couple bloggers mention that this eyebrow gel is pretty good dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow. I used to use the Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara to set my eyebrows, but I found the consistency to be a little too thick for me. This gel mascara by Essence however is really good! The colour is a perfect match for me, it keeps my brows in place all day, and it also has some fibres that add a little extra volume to sparser areas. I still prefer to use an eyebrow pencil for everyday, but when I'm a little rushed, or feeling lazy I apply a quick coat of this to my eyebrows.
Eyeshadow: Creme Brule by Wet n Wild

This eyeshadow is a pale girls dream!!!! I have been looking everywhere for the perfect skin toned eyeshadow, and this is definitely it. It's perfect for covering up veins and making the lid look uniform. I use the eyeshadow every single day! Whether I'm doing something a little more detailed or keeping it simple. And it's only $0.99, so bonus!

Eyeliner: Scandaleyes kohl eyeliner in nude by Rimmel

I don't wear eyeliner that often, but when I do it's usually this eyeliner in my waterline. I find that it brightens my eyes and makes me look more awake. I remember years ago using a white eyeliner to get the same effect, and boy oh boy did it look harsh! Sticking with a nude eyeliner is much more natural, subtle look. These eyeliners are so silky smooth and last all day, which is incredible considering I use it just for my waterline.
Mascara: Full Lash Bloom in black by Covergirl

This mascara is my go-to whenever I want a very soft, natural looking lash. It's definitely not my favourite mascara, but I do like wearing it on my lighter makeup days. It separates my lashes really well and adds just a little bit of length. I just wish it gave a little bit more volume.

Lips: Lip Therapy in rosy lips by Vaseline

I get pretty dry lips all year round, so I constantly use this lip balm! I used to use EOS, but I felt that throughout the day my lips would feel a little "goopy". This balm however soaks in over time and leaves my lips hydrated along with a slight tint.
And that is it! Quick, easy and very natural. Not to mention extremely affordable!

What are your favourite products for natural makeup days?

Natural makeup days

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Back in March I dyed my hair for the first time. It wasn't anything too extreme, just a blonde balayage. I had noticed that over the past 5 years or so my naturally blonde hair was getting darker and darker. In order to get the colour I wanted, I had to get it bleached, then toned. Because of this, I knew that my haircare routine was going to have to change drastically! 

Over the past 6 months I have tried various hair products and I can finally say that I've found a routine that works wonders for my hair. The products I am sharing with you today aren't all of the products that are part of my routine (there will be another post shortly on my favourite styling products), and I don't use them every time I wash my hair, but they are all products I highly recommend if you are looking for ways to help maintain your hair colour.
Shampoo: Shimmering Lights by Clairol

This product is the most expensive coming in at around $15 a bottle, but it is hands down worth it! It does such an incredible job at cancelling out the yellow undertones and toning my hair. I tried so many different types of shampoo and nothing even came to close to how this one performs. Since it can be quite drying and harsh on my hair I usually use it only once a week. I actually don't technically use this shampoo as a shampoo. I first wash my hair with whatever shampoo I'm currently using (I'm constantly changing it up), then after I rinse it out, I apply this shampoo to the bottom half of my hair (since that's where all my colouring is). I let it sit for about 3 minutes then rinse it out thoroughly. I must say that the scent is pretty off putting. It is very, very strong and lasts for a few days. I've had to use hairspray and dry shampoo to help cover up the scent. With that being said the pros definitely outweighs the cons in my opinion. 

Conditioner: Sheer Blonde Colour Renew by John Freida 

I'm not going to lie, I don't really notice any "toning" benefits with this conditioner, but I do love the smell, and how it makes my ends feel. It performs the way I expect a conditioner to, and helps to hydrate my ends, but it doesn't necessarily "wow" me. There is something about the smell of this product that just completely relaxes me though. It has such a beautiful fresh scent that fills up the bathroom when I use it.
Hair Mask: Colour Shield Blonde Refresher by Garnier

I've been using this hair mask since day one of dying my hair, and I will never stop using it! I like to use this mask on the washes where I don't use the Shimmering Lights shampoo. It helps to make my toning last throughout the entire week. I never used to be a hair mask kind of girl, but since falling in love with this product, I've definitely become a fan of hair masks. The instructions recommend that you leave it in your hair for 5-10 minutes. While I'm waiting I apply some body scrub and exfoliate to help pass the time. The only downside is that I believe Garnier has stopped making this product. If you do live in Canada though you can still find it at select Dollarama stores for around $3.

Hair oil: Marvellous oil by Garnier 

The number one thing I was not prepared for after getting my hair coloured, was the tangled ends. Even in the shower my hair would be a huge knot that was impossible to brush out! So I decided I needed a to purchase a hair oil. I use about 7-10 pumps every time I wash my hair, and boy howdy does it make a difference! It leaves my ends feeling soft and hydrated, without weighing my hair down with product.
 What are your staple pieces in your haircare routine?

Haircare essentials for coloured blonde hair

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Top Five series! I thought it would be fun to create a blog series that highlighted my top five products from various brands. Sort of like a brand round up. As I was looking through my collection, I realized that Maybelline is probably my all-time favourite drugstore brand. I was going through my Maybelline products and I unintentionally picked out items from multiple categories. Some brands that I love are more lip focused, or eye focused, but Maybelline clearly has a very well rounded line of face, eye, and lips products that all perform outstandingly! 

Fit Me Matte and Powerless Foundation

Out of all the foundations at the drugstore, this foundation is the perfect colour match for my skin. I usually need to mix my foundation with a white foundation, but this one is bang on! I was a bit worried that the matte finish would be a little drying on my skin, but it looks so flawless! I like my foundations to have a medium coverage, but that are also easily build-able. This foundation ticks all my boxes! I pretty much wore it all summer, so I know this sucker wears well when it can last during heavy humidity. 
Fit Me Concealer

This concealer is my all time favourite from the drugstore! The consistency and coverage is absolutely stunning! The formula is so light weight on the skin, and yet it is still able to cover blemishes and problem areas. It also looks beautiful under the eyes, and doesn't crease. The only downside for me is the shade range. I wish they carried one, even 2 more shades that were lighter than the fair. Since I have very fair skin, this concealer doesn't illuminate the way I would want it to. With that being said it is still a great product!

24hr Colour Tattoo by Eye Studio

For the past 4-5 years I have always had at least one these eyeshadows in my collection. I love using these shadows when I want a simple quick eye-look that involves very little blending or effort. They also work well underneath eyeshadows to give them more shimmer and dimension. I wouldn't however recommend them as an eyeshadow primer, because they do tend crease throughout the day. Just make sure you apply a primer before and it will be fine. My two favourite shades are Bad to the Bronze and Barely Branded.
Lash Sensational Mascara

I feel that Maybelline can't go wrong with their mascaras. Almost every single one I have tried from them, and believe me I've tried dozens over the years, have met my expectations. The Lash Sensational line in particular made me re-fall in love with silicone applicators. I started using them about a year ago, and talked about them so much, that my mom, sister-in-law and mother-in-law went out and bought some for themselves. And all of us still use it faithfully. This mascara separates, gives volume and lengthens every single lash. It's pretty much an all-in-one. Mascaras are my favourite makeup product so I'm kind of mascara-junkie. I have tried so many over the years, and the Lash Sensational line are definitely in my top 5 all time favourite mascaras!

Colour Blur by Lip Studio

Along with mascara, Maybelline also do lip products really well. I went back and forth about which specific lip product I wanted to include in my top five. But after thinking it over I decided to go with they Colour Blur line. The formula of these lip crayons are to die for!! They apply like butter and don't dry out your lips throughout the day. I just wish they had a better colour selection. They have great fun, bright colours as well as some nice dark, rich colours. I just wish they had a few neutral and nude shades for a more natural everyday look.
Well that rounds up my top five products from Maybelline. Let me know if there is a specific brand you would like to focus on next! Thank you so much reading!

What are your favourite products from Maybelline?

Top five: Maybelline

Thursday, September 22, 2016


I am so excited to introduce you to my new blog: The Simplicity File. I have been writing on my personal blog for almost 6 years now (whoa!), but I wanted to create a space completely dedicated to beauty. After a spur of the moment thought, and lots of planning, I have decided to dive head first into a world that inspires me. 

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for makeup. I remember watching my mom when I was a child and being completely mesmerized. I couldn't wait until the day that I could have my own collection, experiment and create my own art. As the years have past, and my tastes have changed, my passion for makeup has increased. I don't apply makeup to cover up or to hide who I truly am, but I use it as form of expression.

I am a firm believer in minimalism and simplicity. And although I have probably one to many lip products, I prefer keeping my beauty routine simple, while still experimenting and having fun! I want to share products that are easy to find, and budget friendly. There are so many amazing products nowadays that are such a steal! I want to talk about brands that I genuinely love, but that don't carry a hefty price tag. I will be posting reviews, tutorials, first impressions, and much more! You can also expect posts on hair, style, and maybe even DIY here and there. 

I can not wait to start this journey. I hope that this space can become a community where we can all share and discuss openly. Thank you so much for stopping by and encouraging me!

An introduction

Monday, September 19, 2016

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