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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hey everyone! First off let me address my long absence from this blog. Life has literally been insane! If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know my exciting news, but I wanted to do a full on post about what has been going on!!! So about 3 weeks ago I started a new business! It's something that I never thought I would ever do! I've been completely blown away by the response and I can not wait to see what lies in store for my family!

Now I'm sure you're all wondering: "Come, on get to the juicy details." So here it is :) The company I signed up to be a part of is SeneGence International, but the product I am focusing on selling right now is LipSense. I first heard about this product in May of 2015 and I was SO skeptical!! This product is huge in the blogging community in Utah, and a lot of my friends became distributors. I immediately thought: "Oh great, another pyramid scheme, get rich quick scams that sells a crappy product." Well boy oh boy was I ever wrong!!

Over the course of 6 months I kept seeing it everywhere, and it kept growing and growing, and I started to get interested. So I did what I always do: research. I watched 100 of videos, read countless reviews of the company setup and finally signed up to sell it on November 4 2015. Believe it or not I actually signed up to be a distributor before I even tried the product. I knew it was going to be a huge success in Canada too, and I wanted to take advantage of the timing!

I'm a goal setter. I always have been. The day I signed up I wrote down 3 goals (one long term, 2 short term), and over one week I blew my short term goals out of the water, and I am currently on track to make my long term goal!! I'm still so amazed at the success I've received! I've really been focusing on educating people about the product and the benefits I've experienced personally. I've never been a person that enjoys selling, especially if it's in a pressured environment. But this product literally sells itself, and I love it myself. I always share with my friends and family whenever I find a product that wows me, now I get to do it as my job!
I'm sure you all have a bunch of questions, so let me go into more detail about the product itself and how it works.

What is LipSense?

LipSense is a lipstick that molecularly bonds to your lips, it is not a stain. When applied properly this lipstick will last up to 18 hours of wear, be kiss proof, smudge proof, transfer proof, and water proof. It sounds too good to be true, but it is literally lipstick magic. The first time I tried it I was completely blown away!! 

How does it work?

It is a 2 part system that includes a colour and a gloss. The bonding takes place with the colour, and the gloss seals everything into place. When you apply the colour tiny little molecules settle in the small, natural grooves of your lips and bond. Then when the gloss is applied it creates a seal that makes it last longer than any other lipstick. 

What are the benefits?

Along with lasting for forever, and being pretty much life proof, LipSense is the most moisturizing lip product I have ever used! I've always had chapped, dry lips. No matter how much water I drink, or how much lip balm I put on, my lips have always been dry. Well after 3 weeks of wearing it every single day, my lips have never looked or felt better! The gloss is made with shea butter and vitamin E, so not only is it sealing your colour in place, but it is also healing your lips and keeping them hydrated. 

Is it tested on animals?

All of SeneGence products are cruelty free, gluten free, GMO free, wax and lead free, vegan and made in a pharmaceutical grade facility. 

What colours are offered?

We have over 70 colours if LipSense, and 10 different glosses to choose from. The colours range from neutrals, to reds, to even a black (which I am obsessed with!!). Not only do we have a huge colour selection, but you can also layer colours together to create custom looks. The possibilities are endless!

Where do I buy it?

LipSense is only sold through independent distributors. Luckily for you all, I am one of those distributors! If you are interested in more information, or want to view our colour selection, you can join my Facebook Group Page (linked here). To order all you do is send me a personal message, or comment on the page and I will get back to you ASAP :) 

What if I don't like the colour I've ordered?

We have a complete 100% full money back guarantee. So if you don't like a colour, or are not satisfied with the product you can return it with no hassle! There is no risk, so why not try it? ;)

What is the price?

When you purchase LipSense, you order a starter collection which includes:
1. A colour of your choice
2. A glossy gloss (our most hydrating gloss)
3. An Ooops! remover (for touch ups and removal)
For all of this the cost is $76 (including taxes). I know it sounds pricey, but one tube of LipSense is equivalent to 4 TUBES of regular lipsticks, which means it is actually cheaper by the ml than most lipsticks. Once you have the starter collection you can add as many colours ($30 each) and glosses ($25 each) as you would like!

So if you live in Canada, and want to give this amazing stuff a try, head on over to Facebook Group and request to join. You can also comment below and I will get in touch with you!!! 

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