Haircare essentials for coloured blonde hair

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back in March I dyed my hair for the first time. It wasn't anything too extreme, just a blonde balayage. I had noticed that over the past 5 years or so my naturally blonde hair was getting darker and darker. In order to get the colour I wanted, I had to get it bleached, then toned. Because of this, I knew that my haircare routine was going to have to change drastically! 

Over the past 6 months I have tried various hair products and I can finally say that I've found a routine that works wonders for my hair. The products I am sharing with you today aren't all of the products that are part of my routine (there will be another post shortly on my favourite styling products), and I don't use them every time I wash my hair, but they are all products I highly recommend if you are looking for ways to help maintain your hair colour.
Shampoo: Shimmering Lights by Clairol

This product is the most expensive coming in at around $15 a bottle, but it is hands down worth it! It does such an incredible job at cancelling out the yellow undertones and toning my hair. I tried so many different types of shampoo and nothing even came to close to how this one performs. Since it can be quite drying and harsh on my hair I usually use it only once a week. I actually don't technically use this shampoo as a shampoo. I first wash my hair with whatever shampoo I'm currently using (I'm constantly changing it up), then after I rinse it out, I apply this shampoo to the bottom half of my hair (since that's where all my colouring is). I let it sit for about 3 minutes then rinse it out thoroughly. I must say that the scent is pretty off putting. It is very, very strong and lasts for a few days. I've had to use hairspray and dry shampoo to help cover up the scent. With that being said the pros definitely outweighs the cons in my opinion. 

Conditioner: Sheer Blonde Colour Renew by John Freida 

I'm not going to lie, I don't really notice any "toning" benefits with this conditioner, but I do love the smell, and how it makes my ends feel. It performs the way I expect a conditioner to, and helps to hydrate my ends, but it doesn't necessarily "wow" me. There is something about the smell of this product that just completely relaxes me though. It has such a beautiful fresh scent that fills up the bathroom when I use it.
Hair Mask: Colour Shield Blonde Refresher by Garnier

I've been using this hair mask since day one of dying my hair, and I will never stop using it! I like to use this mask on the washes where I don't use the Shimmering Lights shampoo. It helps to make my toning last throughout the entire week. I never used to be a hair mask kind of girl, but since falling in love with this product, I've definitely become a fan of hair masks. The instructions recommend that you leave it in your hair for 5-10 minutes. While I'm waiting I apply some body scrub and exfoliate to help pass the time. The only downside is that I believe Garnier has stopped making this product. If you do live in Canada though you can still find it at select Dollarama stores for around $3.

Hair oil: Marvellous oil by Garnier 

The number one thing I was not prepared for after getting my hair coloured, was the tangled ends. Even in the shower my hair would be a huge knot that was impossible to brush out! So I decided I needed a to purchase a hair oil. I use about 7-10 pumps every time I wash my hair, and boy howdy does it make a difference! It leaves my ends feeling soft and hydrated, without weighing my hair down with product.
 What are your staple pieces in your haircare routine?

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